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Intro To My Blog Site…

Hello there!

First, off I want to say thank you for visiting my blog. As I have said before, please bear with me as this is a new venture and I am really trying to make it “grow its wings”. Here you will find my rambling thoughts and opinions about what’s going on with (primarily) my favorite team and possibly some other parts of the sports world. Having said that, I want to put the disclaimer that these opinions and whatever else I write here are solely my own. I base them upon what I read/see/hear, I analyze them intellectually and form an (what I think to be educated) opinion/stance. It doesn’t necessarily reflect what the organization thinks nor does it represent how they see things or how they conduct their business. Think of this as my venting grounds – I talk baseball with various people day in and day out, so I figured why not do it this way? Baseball has been such a passion of mine – I even wanted to manage my high school team – can you imagine that??? Truly, if someone were to ask me about what I would like to be when it grow up, there is no doubt and hesitation in my mind that one of my answers would’ve been “baseball player” (if it was allowed)!

Having said all that…whew! Are you still with me? Haha….

I want to start a series of articles chronicling the last of the swan song for one of my absolute favorite players, Derek Jeter. I am going to try to keep this series separate from all other articles I write since I think it deserves that type of spotlight. The rest of the articles will be dedicated to other random thoughts regarding the rest of the boys, who are in no means, less important than the Captain himself.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and feel free to drop me a line! See ya soon!



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