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My Fantasy Team Roster

So, the first few weeks of the baseball season are in the books and I haven’t had a chance to make good on my promise to post my Fantasy team. I must confess, I have been a bit remiss in checking the pulse of my team, mostly because of some issues I’ve had to fix. Without further ado, here’s the roster.

Carlos Santana                  CLE                                          Michael Pineda                 NYY

Miguel Cabrera                 DET                                          Andrew  Cashner             SD

Dustin Pedroia                  BOS                                          Huston Street                    LAA

Chase Headley                  NYY                                           Dellin Betances                 NYY

Jimmy Rollins                     LAD                                         Tyler Clippard                    OAK

Bryce Harper                      WAS                                         Santiago Casilla                 SF

Brett Gardner                    NYY                                           Francisco Rodriguez        MIL

Alex Rios                              KC                                            Wade Davis                        KC

Mark Teixiera                    NYY                                           Joe Smith                            LAA

Michael Cuddyer              NYM

Joe Mauer                          MIN

Curtis Granderson           NYM

Carlos Beltran                    NYY

Colby Rasmus                    HOU


Anyone out there want to weigh in on who’s worth it, who’s to trade, or who I should go for (that’s on the available roster, anyway)? Would love to hear your thoughts! Let’s win this!!!!


Your Pinstripe Princess,

Photo by One Way Stock

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