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New Year, New Acquisitions, New Perspective 2016

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Forgive my delay in greeting all of you a very happy and healthy New Year! I hope this New Year brings you good luck, good health, and everything else that is good! I’m hoping to see you guys here more often…last year was a bit tough for me! Speaking of all things good, it seems that the Yankees made some pretty good moves this winter and I can’t wait to see how things unfold throughout the season. Hopefully these moves (trades, new contracts, restructuring the roster)during the baseball winter meetings provide great action on the field and propel us into the post-season. Granted, when there are new acquisitions to the team, it’s always early to tell how the dynamic will change and how that change will translate unto the field.

Let’s see what’s happened thus far:

Starlin Castro – strengthening the infield is so crucial since the Yanks didn’t really have a set second baseman, per se, since Cano left the team. The platoon situation among Refsnyder, Drew, and Ackley worked mediocrely at best. Perhaps having young blood with talent could prove to be a good fit for the Yanks. The questions remain: will Castro be able to play in different ‘culture’ than he’s used to in the National League? And more importantly: Will be able to handle the New York market with grace under fire? Given some of his personal background, will the media be gentle? Will he be able to keep all of the focus on his defense and offense, rather than his past decisions in his personal life? We shall see how this unfolds during his next few years over the course of his contract…there may be initial lumps and bumps as he gets acclimated to his new digs in the Big Apple. Only time will tell…

Aroldis Chapman – this is seems to be the biggest news coming out of the winter meetings for the Yankees. The biggest glaring reason is that pitching has been an issue for the Yankees for quite some time. Whether its pitchers plagued by injuries, plagued by other non-physical ailments, or changes in their pitching prowess, the Yankees have had a tough time keeping a solid starting lineup that can save the bullpen for crucial games. Thankfully the bullpen “stepped up to the plate”…wow pun somewhat intended and were able to pull the team through. The addition of Chapman will surely solidify our bullpen and the trifecta of Betances-Miller-Chapman will be a sure treat to see! Hopefully the rest of the bullpen will be able to pitch in and step up their “A” game (wow… is this the night of puns or what). With a speed of ~100 mph and a WHIP pretty darned close to 1, what’s not to like? Having another Southpaw in the bullpen would really increase our chances at having a more diverse bullpen. From all the possible pitchers on the 40-man roster, it seems the Yankees have about 14 right-handers, and 6 left-handers – certainly wouldn’t hurt to add one more, thus making our total 7 southpaws! Here’s hoping his past won’t affect his playing mentality in the NY market. To play in the NY market requires a certain mental toughness that seems almost superhuman!

Aaron Hicks – this player’s development during his tenure with the Twins certainly helped to increase his average, along with runs and hits. Seeing as he played with the Twins for three seasons, hopefully the transition should be seamless. Same league, same rules. Adding a switch hitter is always great. Affording Gardner a day off here and there is also always welcome, especially when so many teams were eyeing him in the offseason. It’s always good to protect someone who “grew up” with the team, but the reality (and business) of baseball happens and it’s a wakeup call to bring in reinforcements. That’s where Hicks can prove to be quite valuable.

Hoping these power moves (although they ‘slightly’ pale in comparison to the Yanks’ previous moves in the past) will power the Yanks to their 28th World Championship. We soon shall see…c’mon Yankees – let’s do this! It’s been too long!

Do you agree with the moves made by the Yanks? What new move are YOU going to make in 2016 to make it your best year yet? Would love to hear your thoughts!!!

Talk soon,

Your Pinstripe Princess,

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