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Supporting the SEAWOLVES – Let’s WIN this!!!

Hey everyone!

Here we are on the eve of the game between Stony Brook and Kentucky. I’m a girl who’s into sports but everyone knows that my favorite sport is baseball. I can’t help but get into the fanfare and festivities of March madness most especially because Stony Brook is in it. I would love for them to have a fairytale ending because they finally need to park in. So why is it you ask that I’m so into tomorrow night’s game even though I don’t follow college basketball as closely as other people? Simply because quite frankly, I am an alumnus of Stony Brook! Yeah you heard me right – I am a Seawolf and once a Seawolf always a Seawolf. So I’m going to be watching closely because I want to see my team take it all the way in their first bid to an NCAA tournament… heck I even got into the College World Series when the Seawolves were in. Let’s see if the 13 seed Seawolves can unseat the favorite and really take everyone by surprise.

The player who proves to be a big threat for Kentucky is the Seawolves’ MVP, Jameel Warney. What this young talent (22) has accomplished is amazing and his resume already proves to be quite impressive! He’s even exceeded his coach’s expectations! The proofs are in the pudding – his ranks and honors! Warney can’t do it all on his own – the team has to give him support, which is true for ANY sport. The ‘Wolves need to score high and score fast to temper the strategy and moves of Kentucky. They also have to prove to be a thorn in Kentucky’s side. They have to expose any vulnerabilities in Kentucky’s game. Success in these areas and talent may get the ‘Wolves the fairy tale “W”. The ‘Wolves need to bring their “A” game. Regardless of the outcome, I will be proud of my team for making it this far and making history.

Stony Brook can’t be held down – hey we made it this far! I feel so proud that my alma mater is getting its name out there and proving to be a formidable opponent. Stony Brook is really putting itself on the map and who couldn’t be more proud than a graduate of the school? Happy girl here – and one thing is for sure: tomorrow night I’ll be rooting HARD for my team, the 2016 America East Champions! Who’s rooting with me??? GOOOOOOO SEAWOLVES!!!


Your Pinstripe Princess,

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