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Sad Over The Stony Brook Seawolves’ Loss

Hello there in Seawolves land. I just had to share some thoughts with you in wake of the loss. First and foremost I couldn’t believe how I stayed up for the entire game….it was tough since I had to get up early for work the next day but I’m simply not the type to give up on my team regardless of what the score is. Whether we’re up by a lot or a little, I always try my best to hang in there until the clock runs out. That being said, I have to admit I was a bit disappointed at the outcome of the game; HOWEVER, after much introspection and thought, I realized that although the outcome was disappointing, I am still very proud to be a Seawolf. Here’s why…

1) Stony Brook made its mark on the map. This is the team’s first bid at the NCAA tournament. Who wouldn’t be proud of THAT accomplishment in the 56 year history of the men’s basketball program?

2) Stony Brook has made it known that they can prove to be a formidable opponent. Never before has this team been included in anyone’s brackets, but they sure gave some food for thought and possibly threw a monkey wrench into some other teams’ plans. The Wildcats were probably thinking…..”WHO? Who are these Seawolves and where are they coming from?” Job well done, Stony Brook!

3) The appearance in this year’s NCAA tournament gives hope for future generations of Seawolves to come. This year was a fairy tale and now this current team just made history. Perhaps the showing this year will make future Seawolves teams progressively hungrier as each season passes.

I’m just bummed for the Seniors who won’t get to participate in another NCAA tournament game. At least they’ll be able to say they were part of history and watch as the rest of the team forges on to get us to another tournament in years to come.

So all in all I just wanted to say congratulations Seawolves and Coach Pikiell…I am so proud of you and I couldn’t be prouder to be a Seawolf myself!


Your Pinstripe Princess,


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