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Major League Baseball Diversity Business Summit 2016


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     I am currently on the flight to Phoenix, Arizona for my second Major League Baseball Diversity Business Summit. (The first one I went to was the one back in 2014 hosted by the New York Yankees.)  It’s the eve of the summit and I have to say that although I have been to one I’m a bit nervous. Here we go again! So many thoughts rush through my mind. Will I be able to network? Will I have confidence to put my best foot forward and really impress the teams?

      This year the hosting team is the Arizona Diamondbacks. The itinerary is sure to be packed with a lot of information and activities. I am pretty excited to be seeing a new stadium. As you know, I am trying my best to see the different stadiums. Since I am East Coast girl, I’m also pretty excited at the prospect of seeing Arizona. Rumor has it weather may be a bit wacky – hot in Phoenix, cold in the Grand Canyon. Yes, although I realize that Phoenix is five hours from the Grand Canyon, I would never forgive myself if I didn’t make the trek! So this is a two-fold trip” business AND pleasure. I cannot wait for both opportunities and experiences!

      Back to the summit. I’m hoping to see a few familiar faces as well as make some new friends and connections. Hopefully this is the time for me to get that magical door opened to me. Ms. Wendy Lewis put together an absolutely fantastic program when I attended in 2014, and I have no doubt that this summit will not be any different from previous ones. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I learned from that summit and I look forward to adding more knowledge. The ultimate prize for me would be to make lasting connections that can hopefully open up some doors so I can get started in my Major League career.

      While reviewing the agenda for the next 2 days I am already stressing over what seminars I would like to attend. Should I go to the Employment Perspective? Should I stop by the MLB tech seminar? These are the moments I wish I could clone myself and be in more places than one at the same time…..

      So another perk of attending the summit is the chance to see a spring training game at Salt River Field. First, I’ve never been to a Spring Training game (can you even imagine????) Second, I get to check out the Diamondbacks’ spring training facility. In essence, I get to see 2 stadiums – the one for the cactus league and the one for the regular season. As I think about the game and previous players, I almost wonder, will I see Randy Johnson? Would be pretty cool if I did! Unfortunately when I went to the last summit, I wasn’t able to go to the game, largely in part due to the weather. It was rained out and the game was rescheduled, but I wasn’t able to attend because I didn’t foresee that happening and didn’t ask for time off. Bummer. This time, no excuses. I am seeing a game. Can’t wait! Talk soon!


Your Pinstripe Princess,

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