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MLB Diversity Business Summit 2016 – Day 2


So! Day two is in the books and I learned even more. Could that be possible? Oh yes!


© Pinstripe Princess – Chase Field in the early morning


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© Pinstripe Princess Chase Field with the dome and doors open

The day started off with some comments from team owners and general managers. They gave a good perspective on the main theme of this year’s summit which was one of “INCLUSION”. This meant inclusion of all races, all genders, and all sexual preferences.


© Pinstripe Princess Chase Field

After this powerhouse panel, we went separate ways and decided to meet for lunch. My friend and I went to a discussion on the “Employment Perspective”. It was a great way to learn what to do and what not to do from people in different areas of baseball – from the minors to the majors. After the discussion I spoke with one of the panelists who is director of a 501(c) affiliated with the Washington Nationals. The reason I wanted to speak with her was because her route to the majors was a non-traditional one. She took a risk and it paid off. This certainly gave me some food for thought.

After that discussion my friend and I decided visiting some teams. I was able to speak with representatives from some of the teams I wanted to speak with. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to speak with all the teams I had in mind, but all is not lost. I was able to speak with representatives from the Phillies, Brewers (of course), Orioles, Mets, and the Red Sox. I thought success was on the horizon because I only had three more teams I wanted to speak to – the Tigers, the Yankees, and the Rays. Unfortunately, those three teams’ representatives were no longer at their respective booths and I wasn’t able to see them. I was a bit bummed.


© Pinstripe Princess – Yours truly waiting to talk to the Phillies’s representative



Here are the lessons from Day 2:

1. Sometimes risks are worth it.

You truly won’t know all the success you can have if you don’t take some risks. Granted, you need to weigh out the pros and cons of your potential decision and choose wisely. Having a fall back or back up plan is probably a good idea in the event that your choice doesn’t go the way you intend. The pathway to success may not be linear, so expect bumps along the way.

2.  Know what you want to do and where you want to work, whether department or location.

Having a specific target in mind is better than casting a broad net. Yes, you will hear conflicting reports like “be willing to do whatever it takes to get your foot in the door”, but you can’t exactly say “ I want to be a general manager” either. Be specific but be willing.


Non-research is the bane of existence for a job search in MLB. Not possessing basic knowledge of who you want to approach, their function in the organization or what your desired position’s responsibilities are can only do more harm than good.

4. Take the time to really pay attention to detail.

Typos can kill a resume. Wrong grammar, incorrect punctuation, improper greetings….the minute it catches the eye of the HR personnel reading your resume, it can determine whether your resume gets a second look or a trip to the bottom of the pile.

5. Keep in contact with your contacts/connections. (Have I mentioned that networking is of utmost importance?)

One of the biggest take home messages that couldn’t be reiterated enough was: STAY RELEVANT. This starts from making a connection and maintaining and nurturing that contact. Sure you don’t want to be a stalker, but you don’t want to be forgotten either. These people could be your link to your dream career in baseball.

6. Baseball is not as glamorous as some people think – it’s a GRIND and long days are quite the norm.

Be prepared for days that seem to never end; and just because baseball is played for a few months out of the year, it doesn’t mean the job ends when the season is over. So much happens behind the scenes in the off season that lay people don’t recognize.

So much learned in two days’ worth of networking. There were many other little lessons and take home messages. What an exhilarating experience. It was a sad moment when closing remarks were being made and the scrumptious dinner was being served. Now it was time to assimilate all I have learned and put it all to good use as I continue in my journey. I highly encourage a visit to the summit if you are interested in a career in baseball. Major League Baseball is truly the trailblazer in this aspect – the other professional leagues don’t quite have a summit like this, but I have no doubt that they will soon follow suit. What a great way to bring together representatives from all the teams, entrepreneurs and job seekers a like! It was a learning experience for everyone involved – as a job seeker, I learned a lot. I am sure that the representatives from the MLB teams also learned a lot – they were able to see the pool of potential candidates for jobs (those who will someday continue the success of their predecessors) and they were also able to see the potential business partners who want to forge a relationship with MLB. It was an eye opener for everyone involved!

All around a great experience!


© Pinstripe Princess – Strip of restaurants near the Light Rail on the way home from Day to at the MLB DBS


© Pinstripe Princess – Time for the ride home after Day 2 of learning…time to assimilate what I learned!












Your Pinstripe Princess,




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