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Hi all! My name is Eileen and I’m coming to you from Long Island. My background is different from this venture as you will see.

Early on in life, I’ve always had a passion for sports – most notably, baseball. Allow me to share a funny story about how I got started with this sport. When I was younger, I went to a school in Queens that was across the street from my grandmother’s house. She would watch my cousins and I after school while we waited to get picked up by our parents. Grandma would always have a snack ready for us and after homework, she would allow us to play and watch TV. Most days, after midday cartoons were over, she would put on a baseball game. She always had it tuned to the current NY Mets game. So, by default, all of us grandchildren would watch the game with her. Well, all the “stars were aligned” so it was natural what team would be our favorite; we were from Queens and Grandma had the Mets on all the time. So all of us grandchildren didn’t know better, so we naturally rooted for whoever Grandma was rooting for. I can honestly say that I rooted for the 1986 World Champions – who couldn’t? Carter, Hernandez…I mean, c’mon! Anyway, as I got older, I formulated my own opinions regarding which team I would like…I’d like to say I got wiser (haha). So my passion for my team grew and grew (and is STILL growing)!

Ever since I can remember, the theme is live, eat, breathe, sleep baseball. Unfortunately not everyone is into baseball like that. So although my passion has always been there, I only DREAMED of a job in baseball. I actually went to school and became a Respiratory Therapist. I’ve worked in hospitals and homecare companies. I’ve taken detours here and there, dabbling in other fields, but more on that later… At some point I even took a pit stop in medical school. So you see, my past has been majorly invested in the health care field. One of the “pitstops” involved working for major companies like Estee Lauder, although not in a Respiratory Therapist capacity.

I am currently working in two places  but I’ve ALWAYS had this desire to cultivate my passions. I love baseball with such a fierce passion, so why not blog my thoughts on it?  I am forever talking to different people  – from my patients to friends to family – about what my feelings are on the latest goings-on in the world of baseball…I am so addicted to it, most especially my team!!! And from all this, Pinstripe Princess was born….

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