Do Good – Feel Good

I have always felt that giving of yourself is one of THE best things a person can do for himself or herself. Charity work, volunteering, or even just donating some ‘change’ to a good cause is an important part of life. The non-monetary rewards far outweigh anything that could be gained from earning a nickel.

Helping out the less fortunate or those who simply need a voice can make you feel good. Some studies even show that there are positive health benefits from simply giving of your time. There’s simply no comparison to the great feeling you get after helping in some way.

I have volunteered at so many places and each time, I came home thinking how fortunate I was. All my volunteer experiences were great lessons and gave me great opportunities to genuflect on all that I have and how truly blessed I am. It certainly put things in a good perspective for me.

Would if I could, if I had a lot of money, I would give to as many charities as I can! Given the limited amount of funds, I have elected to donate to some charities which are near and dear to my heart. I  have always had a soft spot in my heart for babies and animals. More recently, I have started contributing to the National Kidney Foundation, an organization whose cause which I have a personal attachment to. I have also contributed to one of my favorite player’s charity – what a great feeling to be able to contribute in even a small way to his cause!

So what makes YOU feel good? Go out there and choose a favorite charity (there’s practically a charity for EVERY cause you can think of!) and feel good while doing good!

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